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Efficacy and Research

At iGlobal Educational Services, we start with one question: “How can we add value to help others learn and believe in themselves and go far?”

It's no secret that we are learner-driven. That's why we are dedicated to providing solutions to help organizational leaders and learners discover what it is that they desire to engage in an innovative, positive learning experience. Whether students are completing a course, improving their academic skills, or just trying to do their personal best. We believe that it takes a village to raise our society and thus focus on building a sense of community, character, and service to help others believe in themselves so that they too can give back and serve as a Merchant of Hope to others.

Evidence & Efficacy

Everything we do at iGlobal Educational Services is focused on creating innovative products and services that will have a significant impact on improving our clients' lives through all areas of their lives.

iGlobal Educational Services uses a five-part process to provide research services for both public and private organizations.  We specialize in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methodology. Utilizing the following sequence we conduct research and address identifiable areas of need for a multitude of learning organizations.

Current Research

Coaching Tutors: An Instrumental Case Study on Testing an Integrated Framework for Effective Tutoring Sessions in both traditional and virtual learning environments

Type of Research Design: Qualitative Study (Instrumental Case Study)

Research Stage:  Published in Well-Respected Academic Journal, "The Qualitative Report". View publication here