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Become an Intern at iGlobal Educational Services

iGlobal Educational Services invites undergraduate and graduate students to contribute to the functioning of a global learning organization focused on helping others believe in themselves and go far by providing them with top-notch, research-based, and practical knowledge in a variety of platforms. The internship is not paid but can be design to enrich one’s knowledge and skills towards their own professional and personal goals.


About the Internship Program


More Information Coming Soon…Please Check Back.


Intern Activities


Interns may apply to work in a variety of departments. All incoming interns will create learning goals, to be reviewed before, during, and upon closure of the internship. iGlobal Educational Services is accepting internships for research projects and administrative tasks related to the operation of our mentoring and outreach programs. If an intern has a strong desire, then he or she may choose a research project of his or her own that relates to mentoring, organizational leadership, research, or education.


The following is a list of areas in which interns could be asked to serve:

Administrative—Performing general office functions, conference and workshop preparation, marketing, customer management, document management, mailings, scheduling, and any other assigned administrative tasks related to the scope of the internship.

Marketing—Combine both traditional and digital marketing for any assigned programs related to the scope of the internship.

Research—Contribute to the research projects that are IRB approved and are ready to be conducted at the approved study site. Research tasks could include serving as a field research associate, project manager, observer and/or rater.

Program Development—Create potential programs that will support the mission. Draft both bid and grant proposals, if deemed appropriate as outlined in the scope of the internship.

Mentoring Program—Support the Program Director for the mentoring program by performing a variety of tasks.

*Please Note: iGlobal Educational Services customizes all internship positions based upon the learning organization’s needs, along with providing an enriching internship to support the Intern both personally and professionally.

Intern Location

iGlobal Educational Services, 13785 Highway 183, Suite 125, Austin, Texas 78750.

*Note: There will be some internship positions that will be telecommuting or solely online depending on the scope of the Internship.


Internship Program Requirements

Starting in January 2016, iGlobal Educational Services will be accepting internship applications and will give priority to students who commit to two consecutive semesters working between 10 and 25 hours per week.


How to Apply:


To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to Human Resources. Please put in the email title: “Internship and the Desired Semester”.


  Internship Application Deadlines
Apply By:  For Internship Semester
January 31, 2016 Summer 2016 (TBA)
March 31, 2016 Fall 2016 (TBA)
August 31, 2016 Winter 2017 (TBA)