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Publishing Services

Book Publishing

When you choose to publish your book with iGlobal Educational Services, the highly respected self-publishing services provider, you are in control all the way--from the delivery of the manuscript to seeing the first copy of your completed book.

We offer three publishing packages that you can select to birth your book. .

To learn more, contact us.


Scholarly Publishing

 iGlobal has several journals to help professionals publish their academic works. The best news is that you get to keep your copyright when you publish your works in our journals.

Currently, iGlobal is seeking original submissions for both the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Tutoring and Teaching and Journal of Spiritual Studies and Holistic Wellness. Interested authors should send an email to the Managing Editor ( for further information on submission deadlines. 

For more information, contact the Managing Editor.


Peer Reviewers Needed

We are currently looking for peer reviewers. Please fill in the application form and submit your completed application along with your curriculum vitae to Your application will be processed in 10 working days.