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Curriculum, Instructional, and Assessment Services

Curriculum Development & Instructional Design


At iGlobal Educational Services, our goal is to enhance the learning experience and deliver curriculum reaching School Aged Learners to Professional Learners.  iGlobal’s courses include mathematics, language arts, science, and college-level educational, business and leadership classes.  Additionally, iGlobal Educational Services focus on media-based curriculum and instructional design.  Our collaboration with clients allows for preferred models and guidelines ensuring our curriculum meet client expectations.  During the development process, iGlobal Educational Services, researches, gains insight and recommendations from academic foundations, creates curriculum centered on real-world applicable experiences and educational standards.



Assessment Item Writing


iGlobal Educational Services models assessment utilizing Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy.  This method is beneficial to our clients as we can evaluate the learner’s performance at numerous stages varying from lower to higher-level intellectual skills.  This form of assessment will assist our client’s understanding of the pursued skills their learners have mastered.



Tutoring Services


iGlobal Educational Services provides a variety of tutoring services designed to adapt to each client’s learning method.  Tutoring sessions are available primarly online.  However, face-to-face tutoring and/or in-home tutoring is available based upon availability. Tutoring sessions are offered in a one-on-one setting, or group sessions.  

Our specialties include: individual and small group instruction, math, reading, and science homework help, writing, and test-preparation. 


Our tutoring services offer all subjects, but concentrate on learners with learning disabilities.  Our tutors possess teaching certifications in EC-4 and 4-8 Generalist, EC-12 ESL, and EC-12 Special Education or other appropriate subject matter certifications. 


iGlobal Educational Services is a leader in creating successful skills for the following types of learners:

  • Gifted and Talented (GT)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
  • Speech, Hearing, Visually, and/or Physically Impaired
  • English Language Learners (ELL)
  • At-Risk Learners
  • Specific Learning Disabilities, such as math, reading and writing
  • Dysgraphia and Dyslexia
  • Autism
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Mild/Moderate MR