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Organizational Development and Corporate Training

iGlobal Educational Services  both develops and offers a variety of onsite and online training programs for public and private businesses. Our developments are created using Adult Learning Theories and Project-Based Learning philosophies.  We have aided in professional development and corporate training for the following industries:

iGlobal Educational Services strives to deliver anticipated results for professional development and training services.  We work meticulously with organizations to deliver these results.  iGlobal Educational Services will perform an assessment of needs to gather information to provide results for organizations.  We also welcome clients to provide this data in order to accelerate the instructional design, create ease of preparation and to provide exceptional professional development and corporate trainings. To inquire about our training services, contact us at


Organizational & Leadership Development


While working with public and private organizations, iGlobal Educational Services will strive to implement modifications into these organizations.  iGlobal Educational Services delivers evaluation services for programs as well as organizational health assessments of these organizations.  iGlobal Educational Services help learning organizations with the following:


* Strategic and Scenario Planning

* Needs Assessments

* Leadership Development Plans

* Human Resources Development

* Business Forecasting