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Starting & Operating an Online Tutoring Business


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Are you thinking about adding an e-learning or online tutoring program to your tutoring business? Are you wondering how you would operate your online tutoring business? These are questions that will need specific answers that will deliver data-driven results. In the Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Starting and Operating Your Online Tutoring Business, Tutor Consultant, Dr. Holland-Johnson delivers her field-tested advice so that you can: * Select an online tutoring platform that caters to the four learning modalities. * Implement her 13-Step Process for working with new and returning clients. * Conduct online tutoring sessions and write monitoring notes for clients. * Acquire know-how for finding online clients, and dozens of other strategies you will need to be successful with your online tutoring business. Take a practical approach to starting and operating your online tutoring business. By taking the time now to plan, you are positioning your online tutoring business for longevity in the tutoring industry.