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Dr. Holland-Johnson's Session Review Framework: A Framework for Evaluating Tutor Sessions


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You have made the right decision to gain additional resources to help you with evaluating and coaching tutors. In this training, you will learn how to implement both frameworks—Dr. Holland- Johnson’s Session Review Framework and Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Tutor Coaching Framework. The Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Session Review Framework is centered on these seven components: 1. Session Introduction 2. Pre-Session Engagement 3. Tutoring Lesson Engagement 4. Session Closure 5. Post-Session Engagement 6. Next Steps for the Learner 7. Next Steps for the Tutor The components are designed to promote professional practice that results in high levels of student learning, along with helping tutors become a better tutor. Each component consists of a set of questions that relate to tutor behaviors and/or actions that should be occurring during each tutoring session whether it is face-to-face or online. The description of each component is assessed using a rater scale that will determine if there is sufficient evidence to support the desired tutor behavior that is required for each component in the Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Session Review Framework.