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Dr. Holland-Johnson's Tutoring Coaching Framework: A Framework for Coaching Tutors


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You have made the right decision to attend this training to help you with evaluating and coaching tutors. In this training, you will learn how to implement primary the Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Tutoring Coaching Framework. However, we will cover very briefly her other instrumental framework, which is the Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Session Review Framework that will help with coaching and evaluating tutors. The Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Tutoring Coaching Framework is centered on these six steps: o Step 1: Review Tutoring Session o Step 2: Goal-Setting Coaching Session o Step 3: In-Between Support o Step 4: Formal Session Review o Step 5: Tutor Reflective Coaching Sessions o Step 6: Follow-Up Support The components are designed to promote professional practice that results in high levels of tutor performance, along with increased rich tutoring opportunities to help learners meet and exceed their academic goals. Each step consists of a set of questions that relate to coaching tutors that should be occurring during each tutor coaching conference for tutors who conduct tutoring sessions either face-to-face or online. The Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Session Review Framework is used to assess tutoring sessions. You can find the template at www.expandyourtutoringbusinessblog.com.