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AP-Statistics: High School Math Tutor Lesson Plans: Experimental Design, Distributions, Linear & Nonlinear Bivariate Data, Randomness & Probability (Math Tutor Lesson Plan Series) (Volume 15)


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Tutoring is beginning to get the respect and recognition it deserves. More and more learners require individualized or small group instruction whether it is in the classroom setting or in a private tutoring setting either face-to-face or online. It is conceived and created for tutors and educators who desire to provide effective tutoring either in person or online in any educational setting, including the classroom. Rather than provide a specific “curriculum” to follow, AP-Statistics: High School Math Tutor Lesson Plan Series provides a blueprint to design effective tutoring lessons that are aligned with the “Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Session Review Framework”. Tutor evaluators and coaches are able to analyze tutoring sessions and coach tutors when utilizing the “Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Lesson Plan Blueprint for Tutors”. In each lesson plan, learners have an opportunity to focus on real-world connections, vocabulary, and practice the math concepts learned in the tutoring sessions in the appropriate amounts to learn and retain the content knowledge. Tutors will have an opportunity to provide direct and guided instruction, while learners practice concepts on their own during independent instruction. Each lesson plan comes with a mini-assessment pertaining to the math concepts learned in the specific tutoring session. Depending on the learner’s academic needs, the tutor or teacher will deem when it is appropriate to administer the mini-assessment. For online tutoring sessions or as an online option to take the mini-assessment, tutors and teachers can upload these mini-assessments to be completed online in their choice of an online assessment tool.