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Expand Your Tutoring Business: The Blueprint for Evaluating Tutors and Implementing Professional Development for Your Learning Organization (Expanding Your Tutoring Business) (Volume 4)


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Are you looking for a system to evaluate and coach tutors in your learning organization? Are you looking for strategies to implement professional development? These are questions that will need specific answers to help deliver data-driven results for learners enrolled in your tutoring program. Due to budget cuts, high teacher-student ratios, and the No Child Left behind (NCLB) Act, the need for a tutoring evaluation and coaching framework is in high demand. Whether you are leading a tutoring program within a school system or other type of learning organization, it is crucial to have a data-driven evaluation and coaching process in place to drive effective tutoring sessions both face-to-face and online. This book provides the blueprint to follow so that instructional leaders can build a quality evaluation and coaching program to help tutors and educators become better tutors who deliver data-driven results. In the Dr. Holland’s The Blueprint for Evaluating Tutors and Implementing Professional Development for Your Learning Organization, Tutor Consultant, Dr. Holland delivers her field-tested advice so that you can: • Describe a mindset to lead others. • Analyze Tutor Sessions. • Apply the Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Session Review Framework. • Create a Professional Development Plan for Tutors. • Describe the steps in the tutor coaching process. • Apply the Dr. Holland-Johnson’s Tutoring Coaching Framework. • Interpret the Coaching Tutors Research Study. • Acquire know-how for evaluating tutors, and dozens of other strategies you will need to be successful with your tutoring program in your learning organization. Take a data-driven approach to evaluating and coaching tutors. By putting new strategies and proven methods in your toolkit, you’ll quickly find the path that leads to being a better instructional leader for your tutoring program.