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Testimonies from Behind Bars


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Everyone is born with a unique purpose for their life. Some men go astray and lose their spiritual direction, only to find it behind the bars of prison. Join Charlie Burns in his spiritual journey behind the walls of State Penitentiaries. All we every hear is the bad news from our correction institutions. This is a refreshing discovery of the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the prison’s harsh environment. How even though there seems no hope, witness how Charlie has experienced the work of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the inmates that attended his Bible College Classes. Few are willing to go into a hostile environment that can be change in a moment. But the rewards of making disciples out ways any inconvenience one might experience sharing the word of God to those that are hungry for His Word. This book shares powerful testimonies of broken relationship that are healed by faith in God’s Word. You will never forget this gut wrenching life changes that occur on every page.