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From the Bayou to the Phoenix: How to Get Through Life One Transition at a Time

Change Requires Faith How do you find yourself through the mud of life...


The Power Within: Claiming Your Personal Power

Create Your Vision. Manifest Your Dreams. Claim Your Personal Power. H...


Little Lisa and the Neighborhood Block Party (Little Lisa Series) (Volume 1)

The Neighborhood block party is today. Little Lisa and her friends are...


Linelle Destiny #5: Destiny's Big Move (Linelle Destiny Series) (Volume 5)

Join Our Secret Sisters Club Get Connected Now. www.thesecretsisterscl...


Linelle Destiny #3: Destiny's in Love (Volume 3)

Alvin Loves Linelle Destiny Alvin + Destiny = Forever Linelle Destiny ...


Linelle Destiny #4: Destiny's Courage (Volume 4)

Destiny is faced with a big decision. At the end of the day, Linelle D...


Camp Girl

Chloe Abbott is a young girl who is excited for summer camp. With her ...


8 Steps to Helping Your Child in School

Parents are realizing that they truly have control of their childrenâ€...


I am Worthy: The Power of Living Without Condemnation

The biblically time-tested principles in this book will ignite your pa...


Linelle Destiny Series #2: Destiny's BIG Decision (Volume 2)

Linelle Destiny has kept a secret from her friends for far too long. H...


Linelle Destiny Series #1: Destiny's BIG Idea (Volume 1)

It all began when Linelle Destiny was in her room writing in her noteb...


Becoming a Better Tutor: A Data-Driven Approach to Tutoring (2nd Edition)

In today’s global economy, tutoring is beginning to get the respect ...


Book 1: Expanding Your Tutoring Business: Building a Global Learning Organization

In today’s global economy, tutoring is beginning to get the respect ...


Book 2: Expanding Your Tutoring Business: Hiring Tutors and Contractors

You may be at a point in which you need to hire tutors and additional ...


Book 3: Expanding Your Tutoring Business: Protecting Your Learning Organization

What is intellectual property? It’s something that you will have to ...


Book 4: Expanding Your Tutoring Business: Evaluating Tutors and Implementing Professional Development

Are you looking for a system to evaluate and coach tutors in your lear...


Starting & Operating an Online Tutoring Business

Are you thinking about adding an e-learning or online tutoring program...