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Seven Educational Gifts to Give Year-Round

If you want to give gifts to your child that can be used all year-round, here are seven suggestions that can help you in your decision:
Probably one of the best timeless gifts to give to your child, books make great educational gifts, especially if your child loves to read. 
Musical Instruments
For the musically-inclined child, you can give musical instruments for him or her to enjoy all year-round. These allow your child to develop his or her skills.
Video Games
Video games can be entertaining and educational because they teach your child hand-eye coordination as well as appreciation of a storyline depending on the game you get your child.
Construction Toys
For the builder in your child, construction toys are great to supplement him or her with creativity. What makes construction toys great is that it’s a low expense but effective educational toy.
From your favorite superhero action figure to your dolls, models are great all-year-round educational gifts because they teach your child how to be creative and imaginative while playing with these toys.
Sketch Pads
Sketch pads make great educational gifts because they give your child the canvas where they can express their creativity and artistry through the sketch pads, any time of the year.
Any child wants to record his or her daily experiences. Not only does a journal allow your child to express his or her thoughts, but it also teaches him or her how to write eloquently and express his or her ideas quickly, which makes it a great educational tool for writing.
These educational gifts help your child develop his or her skills effectively. To make things even more useful, these gifts can be used all year round.