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Left and Right-Brained Learning Activities

Developing your child’s brain early on can really help in the future. Creativity and intellectual capacity all have their roots in the brain of your child. The right portion of the brain is the creative side, which is responsible for abstraction and artistry. On the other hand, the left portion focuses on intellectual thought such as the sciences and other practical applications. 
Developing the brain of your child can be done effectively with activities that hone these respective focuses. Here are some interesting activities your child can try out which can be very enjoyable at times.
Improving the Right Side of the Brain
  • Creative Writing or Drawing – Give your child a topic to write about or an idea to put into drawing. These two activities can be simultaneously done to enrich your child’s creativity. The way he or she uses words to show emotion can develop your child’s right brain function. Also, the attention to detail in his or her drawing develops the creative process.


  • Memorization Games – Creativity can develop from how your child memorizes things such as a shopping list or perhaps a group of pictures. This game can be made even more fun if the whole family joins in. Quality family time and enriched brain development all in one is indeed a great experience.
Improving the Left Side of the Brain
  • Word Games – Grab the daily paper and let your child answer crossword puzzles. This stimulates left brain development, and if your child enjoys the activity, he or she is indeed left brain inclined. Of course, you can explore other word games such as word search puzzles and popular games such as Scrabble.


  • Categorizing Games – Otherwise known as associated games, these offer a set of pictures your child must categorize or associate. This enhances your child’s visual skills. You can make things tricky by using analogies instead of direct picture-to-text representations. The great thing about this is that it can also become quality family time you can all enjoy. 


The brain functions uniquely, and with these activities, you can clearly offer fun techniques to help develop the creative and intellectual side of your child.