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Talking with Kids

There are many situations where knowing how to negotiate will really help our kids.

How much drama do kids have with their friends? Reduce the number of storm clouds by helping them learn to negotiate with their buddies. "I don't really want to go to the park today, but if you'll watch this movie with me today, I'll go with you tomorrow. How is that?" "I will trade you these three Pokemon cards for that one I'm missing."


      Co-workers and employers

      A sibling might be nursing a grudge from the last time they didn't carry through with their negotiation and not be in the mood to work out this offer.

    •   <p 0px="" 15px="" background-color:="" background:="" border:="" font-family:="" font-size:="" helvetica="" line-height:="" margin:="" outline:="" padding:="" span="" style="\" color:"="" vertical-align:=""> "None of us has time to negotiate every conflict but we all negotiate our way through parenting whether we realize it or not. So, the question is not 'Should I negotiate?' but 'When and how?' Keep in mind that some issues are not negotiable (safety, health) and some times are not appropriate to negotiate at all."