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TUTOR 101: Intro to the Fabulous World of Tutoring - 

TUTOR 104: Marketing Your Tutoring Business -  This course is designed for individuals to analyze their organizational needs for their online tutoring business by focusing on the an online course designed exclusively for online tutors who serve both children and adults with their learning needs in a virtual classroom setting. This course focuses on exploring how to conduct quality online tutoring sessions, document learner’s progress, and how to structure each online tutoring session. Whether you are about to conduct your first online tutoring session or 87th tutoring session, this course offers you an analytical and data-driven approach to conducting online tutoring sessions in the virtual classroom setting.

TUTOR 111: Business Forms for Your Tutoring Business- ndividuals who take this course is safe-guarding both their clients and. When evaluating tutor performance for a specific tutoring session. Nevertheless, learners will be able to provide data-driven feedback to tutors in their learning organizatio