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Stay-at-home Moms: Start Teaching Online!

Stay at home moms have amazing opportunities available to them to work at home. Many moms who choose to stay at home with young children know that someday, they want to return to the workforce. To help make themselves more makretable  when the time comes, more stay-at-home moms than ever turning to online education.

Taking courses while the kids nap or are on play dates allows mom to pursue higher learning without interfering with family time. It's proving to be a win-win for moms and unviersities alike.

Insert online teaching.  We have been helping educators find jobs teaching online – and get started in their new career. A common misnomer is that to get an online teaching job, you must be a teacher by trade or have specialized educational training. You do not. Hundreds of stay at home parents have  resources to get started teaching online, whether one class for fun and extra money, or as a second/third/fourth career as stay at home parents.

* What is requred to teach online ?

  • ‚ÄčA Masters degree
  • Experience in your field 
  • Passion and commitment to education others
  • Internet access and a good computer

* What will you gain ?

  • An opportunity to share your knowledge
  • The chance to stay sharp in your field so if or when you decide to return to work, you are prepared and current
  • Extra income
  • Incredibly flexible work
  • The ability to say “no!” to work you don’t want

We know, getting started can feel a bit overwhelming. So here is a step by step guide to getting started.

  1. Get your CV in order. You will need an academic CV, not a resume, to get started. Applications are often keyword driven and your CV needs a teaching philosophy statement, as well as a way to explain how your experience before leaving to raise a family has prepared you to be an incredible instructor. You can do this on your own or have us write your CV for you.  
  2. Write your cover letter. This should be generic enough for you to apply to a lot of positions but quickly customizable for special jobs or cold-calling a dean or hiring manager
  3. Get your materials together. Common items on employment applications are 3 letters of recommendation, copies of unofficial transcripts for all of your degrees, and your CV. Have your paperwork ready and track your applications and HR website login information for quick updates and re-applying.
  4. Job leads! 
  5. Network. Be sure you are networking. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and change your headline to make it clear you are open to being an online professor. If you need help, we have a variety of social media options available to make your life easier. 
  6. Apply like crazy and don’t worry if you do not meet every single requirement. On average, it takes 80 to 120 applications per interview.  Don’t be discouraged if you send out 20 applications and you haven’t gotten a reply yet – this is normal. If you hit 3 months and 120 applications without an interview, you may want to have your CV professionally reviewed, if you haven’t already. 

Welcome to the world of online ed!